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Nathan Thomas : Hypnotize Anywhere

Nathan Thomas : Hypnotize Anywhere
Nathan Thomas : Hypnotize Anywhere
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Nathan Thomas : Hypnotize Anywhere

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And why – using the same simple conversational hypnosis techniques – you too will be able to get consistent and predictable hypnosis results that will totally dumfound doctors, psychiatric experts and, of course, your own friends and family)…”

The first time I immediately realized just how powerful hypnosis is – even when you’re just having a normal conversation – happened like this: A family friend had been suffering from destructive insomnia for several months.
She just could NOT get to sleep, and was going manic. We had a chat, and on a whim I decided to use just TWO hypnotic techniques in the conversation. Being new at the time (this happened back in 2007) and nervous with this stuff, I didn’t expect much! After all, this woman had been to see a man who many people considered New Zealand’s top psychiatric doctor in treating insomnia — and NOTHING this “expert” had tried had helped. The next morning, we got a phone call… For the first time in over 10 weeks, our family friend had slept right through the night! She told me “I don’t know why, but after talking to you everything seemed to sort itself out…” That’s when I realized this stuff really does work! Hypnosis can work just as well for you too. See today is THE DAY you finally “wave goodbye” to the nervousness and trepidation that come from the fear that your hypnosis work will fail miserably and make you look silly. Believe me, I know what it’s like to want to floor to open up and swallow me during a humiliating hypnosis session.

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Nathan Thomas : Hypnotize Anywhere

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