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Paul Vereshack : The Depest Self - 2012

Paul Vereshack : The Depest Self - 2012
Paul Vereshack : The Depest Self - 2012 - (MP4, PDF)
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Paul Vereshack : The Depest Self - 2012

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FEELING THERAPY neutralises the knots inside of us with the way it brings information up into our conscious awareness, instead of passing over everything, by simply talking about it, meditating, or using the cognitive therapies, in a fruitless attempt to control and suppress our pain.

I have found that for those people who can accomplish this, lying our heads back in a comfortable chair or lying on a mat, and allowing feelings to guide us toward deep insights, using the skills outlined in my book below, brings a kind of mind body integration I have found nowhere else in the therapy world.

These skills have set me free from the ignorance of my earlier life, and set me free from a great deal of pain.

These skills balance and integrate my life, and keep me healthy every day.

To feel ourselves deeply in this kind of self study is to know ourselves underneath our rationalizations, and thus to know others underneath theirs.

This is the beginning of learning how to give ourselves a life time of self care, through experiencing deeper truths than we have ever known before

Paul Vereshack, B.A., M.D., D.Psych (Licence retired)

This book, "Help Me - I'm Tired of Feeling Bad", given freely here on my website, has been designed to save the life of those people who can use it.

It has been designed so that each chapter, each paragraph, and each sentence can be fruitfully returned to again and again across the years of your growth. As your awareness expands so also will your need to concentrate deeply upon the kind of real emotional food contained within these carefully written instructions.

The clarity and depth of this manual for your personal journey will not fail you.

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Paul Vereshack : The Depest Self - 2012

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