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GT-SUITE 7.4 Build 1 x86/x64 (Win/Linux)-SSQ

GT-SUITE 7.4 Build 1 x86/x64 (Win/Linux)-SSQ
GT-SUITE 7.4 Build 1 x86/x64 (Win/Linux)-SSQ | 4.9GB

GT-SUITE is a product of Gamma Technologies (GTI), a specialist software company which is solely focused on the Engine and Vehicle Industry. GT-SUITE handles, in a single
software tool, a wide variety of vehicle and engine technical applications

GT-SUITE 7.4 Build 1 x86/x64 (Win/Linux)-SSQ

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These include:
-- Engine performance modeling (GT-POWER)

-- Analysis of measured engine cylinder pressure

-- Acoustics of intakes and exhausts

-- Exhaust aftertreatment

-- Sil, HiL and Real-Time simulation

-- Vehicle dynamics (drive cycles, drivelines)

-- Transmission Modeling

-- Hybrid and electric vehicles, fuel cells

-- Engine cooling

-- Vehicle thermal management

-- Vehicle energy management

-- Underhood cooling module analysis (3-D with COOL3D)

-- Air conditioning

-- Exhaust heat recovery

-- Lubrication circuits and bearings

-- Fuel injection systems

-- Hydraulics and pneumatics

-- Valvetrain/Camshaft kinematics and dynamics

-- Cranktrain kinematics and dynamics (incl. balancing and bearings)

-- Gear, chain and belt drivesIn its foundations, GT-SUITE is a versatile multiphysics platform for constructing a wide range of engineering models through a combination of the following underlying libraries:-- Flow library (1D and quasi-3D) gases, liquids, refrigerants

-- Acoustics library (both non-linear and linear)

-- Thermal Library (lumped and FEA)

-- Mechanical library (kinematics, multi-body dynamics, freq.domain)

-- Electric and Electromagnetic library (circuits, electromechanical devices)

-- Chemistry Library (chemical kinetics)

-- Controls library (logic, math signal processing)
GT-SUITE is a unique tool, which provides the ability to execute Integrated Simulations of the entire vehicle and engine system. Such simulations are an industry trend that is gaining in importance and they constitute the next frontier in CAE applications.
GT-SUITE is an unusually versatile tool which can address many different analysis needs covered today by separate single-purpose codes. The possibility to use one tool to do many tasks brings many benefits:
-- Interactions between different system parts can be made as detailed as needed

-- Capabilities are automatically always synchronized (single version)

-- All teams use the same tool, facilitating their cooperation (same language)

-- Data sharing is streamlined (and error-free)

-- Engineers share a virtual engine/vehicle model

-- This capability is key for studies of transients

-- GT-SUITE offers all this at a SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER COST than other solutions Uniquely in the industry, GT-SUITE is supplied as an all-inclusive package with many valuable Productivity Tools that are included with all licenses at no extra cost. These tools increase user efficiency, and thus are important part of the product.
-- DOE tool to easily create large Design of Experiments simulations

-- DOE-POST for optimization based on DOE runs, plus other optimizers

-- Distributed computing to split larger jobs across multiple computers

-- Neural-Network automated training tool to create fast-running high-fidelity models

-- GEM tool for converting 3D CAD models into GT-SUITE models

-- 3-D CFD Coupled with STAR-CD, FLUENT, FIRE, CFX and OpenFOAM

-- Control Built-in library, plus coupling with SIMULINK

-- Libraries are user-extendable through user super-objects or code
Why You Should Choose GT-SUITE
Industrys Tool of Choice
-- GT-POWER is the 1 engine simulation software by a wide margin

-- It is recognized as the Industry Standard

-- Practically all leading OEMs and their suppliers chose GT-SUITE

-- Used by almost all leading engine consulting companies

-- Contains unique capabilities and advancements
Experienced Team of Engine/Vehicle Specialists
-- Developing tools for just one industry: engines and vehicles

-- Backed by a highly experienced developer team (> 25 years in business)
Modern Software -- Integrated Simulations
-- First true Virtual engine/powertrain/vehicle simulation code

-- Integrates all relevant applications in one computational platform

-- GT-SUITE allows multi-disciplinary Integrated Simulations

-- Fast solver makes simulations of large systems practical

-- Advanced graphical interface GT-ISE, based on object-oriented data model

-- Unique post-processing tool GT-POST automates standard data analysis tasks
Rapid Rate of Code Development
-- Significant advancement in capabilities for each release

-- Development plan is largely user-driven - by leading industrial firmsHigh Quality Customer Support/Applications Team
-- Users have direct access to developers

-- Rapid responses to user questions

-- Prompt implementation of user-requested features

-- Highly acclaimed by users
How to Install
1. Mount ISO with UltraISO or Daemon Tools Lite and start setup.exe. Use license.dat from SolidSQUAD folder to suppy as server license file

2. Extract GAMMA.TECHNOLOGIES.GT.SUITE.7.4.0.WINDOWS-SSQ.7z to X:\GTI (for example if you installed to C:\GTI, extract to C:\GTI)

3. Make sure GTISOFT license server is running. If necessary, create a service with lmtools.

4. Enjoy
1. Mount ISO in your Linux as ro,exec and start from shell. Install to /opt/GTI. Install with local FLexLM server. Use license.dat from SolidSQUAD folder to suppy as server license file


3. In /opt/GTI/flexlm folder create a symlink from GTISOFT.linuxx86 to GTISOFT

4. Make sure GTISOFT license server is running

5. Add GTIHOME and GTISOFTLICENSEFILE environment variables to your bashrc

6. Enjoy
1. During GT-SUITE setup, don't change GT-SPACECLAIM install dir It can cause a rollback of installation and you will not be noticed

2. After installation is complete, overwrite files from SOlidSQUAD/GTSPACECLAIM/ to C:\Program Files\GTSPACECLAIM

3. Make sure GTISOFT license server is running

4. Enjoy
Cracked by TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ
Version: 7.4 Build 1

Developer: Gamma Technologies

Developer website:
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit

Language: English

Medicine: Present

System Requirements: Wind0ws

GT-SUITE 7.4 Build 1 x86/x64 (Win/Linux)-SSQ

GT-SUITE 7.4 Build 1 x86/x64 (Win/Linux)-SSQ

Password Unrar: Snorgared





GT-SUITE 7.4 Build 1 x86/x64 (Win/Linux)-SSQ

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