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Photo Montage Guide 2.1.1

Photo Montage Guide 2.1.1

Photo Montage Guide 2.1.1 | 5.1 Mb

Photo Montage Guide - separates solid objects from an arbitrary background, applies background effects (filling, shadowing, blur, monochrome), allows transferring objects to another photo, makes a photomontage, allows you to change the size or aspect ratio of an image keeping the "important" features intact and remove objects from photo without visible traces.

Photo Montage Guide 2.1.1

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This program offers the following tools:

- Resize - allows you to change the image size.

- Crop - allows you to cut out an area of an image.

- Text - designed for inscribing images.

- Separation - allows you to separate an object from its background and to store it for later transfer to another photo; applies background effects.

- Paste Object - pastes a separated image into another photo.

- Smart Remove - removes objects without visible traces.

- Smart Size - changes the image size removing "unnecessary" portions while keeping the "important" features intact.

- Smart Patch - allows to apply a patch from one area of an image to another.
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Photo Montage Guide 2.1.1

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