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ANSYS 15.0 + SpaceClaim2014 + Documentation (x86/x64)(Win/Linux) Multilingual

ANSYS 15.0 + SpaceClaim2014 + Documentation (x86/x64)(Win/Linux) Multilingual
ANSYS 15.0 + SpaceClaim2014 + Documentation (x86/x64)(Win/Linux) Multilingual | 31.24 GB

Description: ANSYS, Inc. announced the availability of its leading engineering simulation solution, ANSYS 15.0, providing new, unique capabilities and enhancements that offer the most advanced approach to guide and optimize product designs.

ANSYS 15.0 + SpaceClaim2014 + Documentation (x86/x64)(Win/Linux) Multilingual

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ANSYS 15.0 delivers major advancements across the entire portfolio, including structures, fluids and electromagnetics. In addition, this enhanced version enables complete multiphysics workflows for leading simulation practices.Extras. information:

- ANSYS 15.0.1 Update

This ANSYS release 15.0.1 replaces components of previously-installed versions of ANSYS release 15.0 and is compatible with Windows XP and 7 (32 and 64 bit), Windows 8 (64 bit). This service pack addresses a defect related to fluids models with 0-thickness walls (baffles).

In the ANSYS 15.0 release, baffles are captured in the mesh (nodes are on the baffle faces), but the baffles do not display properly in Workbench Meshing when viewing the mesh on named selections, nor do they output correctly to Fluent, CFX, or Polyflow.

All ANSYS users performing fluids analysis on models that contain baffles and are intended for the Fluent, CFX, or Polyflow solvers must install this service pack.

- ANSYS 15.0.4 Update

This service pack addresses a licensing issue encountered by TurboGrid users on Windows 64 bit platforms. Upon startup, TurboGrid was checking out both a TurboGrid and an ICEM license.
How to install:
With a crowbar from simulia procedure is slightly different from previous versions .

Username , computer name and path must be latinnitse .

All manipulations were carried out the installation as administrator.

It is assumed that you will be put on the C: drive

If you are installing on a different drive , change the path to the license file in the file ansyslmd.ini

1. If you have not previously installed previous versions Ansisa , go to step 3 .

2 . Delete or stop the ANSYS License Server.

Removing ANSYS License Server:

2.a. In command line mode (Win + R, cmd> Enter), run c: \ Program Files \ ANSYS Inc \ Shared Files \ Licensing \ and run ansysli_server.exe-k uninstall

Reboot .

You can delete a folder ANSYS, Inc. License Manager from the Start Menu.

Stop ANSYS License Server:

2.b. Run services.msc, find the ANSYS License Server, PTP > properties> Startup type = disabled. Reboot.

3 . ANSYS install as usual. Install ANSYS License Manager is not required.

4 . Copy the license.dat and ansyslmd.ini folder with the medicine in c: \ Program Files \ ANSYS Inc \ Shared Files \ Licensing \

5 . Enjoy) With a crowbar from MAGNiTUDE as always :

1. Generator to generate a license for your host. Check that the code after the host name in the license match mac address of the network card (Ethernet adapter). If not - generate license manually by pressing N in the first issue of the generator.

2 . Install Products ansys.

3 . Install the license manager . Indicate the generated license file when asked.

4 . Enjoy)Year / Issue Date : 2013

Version: 15.0

Developer : Ansys Inc.

Developer website :

Bit : 32bit/64bit/Linux 64

Compatibility with Vista: complete

Compatible with Windows 7: complete

Compatible with Windows 8 : like as full

Language: Multilingual ( Russian absent)

Medicine: Present

System requirements : 22 GB hard drive , multiprocessing , memory > 2GB more
ANSYS 15.0 + SpaceClaim2014 + Documentation (x86/x64)(Win/Linux) Multilingual

ANSYS 15.0 + SpaceClaim2014 + Documentation (x86/x64)(Win/Linux) Multilingual





ANSYS 15.0 + SpaceClaim2014 + Documentation (x86/x64)(Win/Linux) Multilingual

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